Tips to be Anonymous While Browsing Online

You don’t need to be a cyber-criminal to hide your online identity. The level of criminal activities in online world is so higher that you might need to think about hiding your identity to avoid being a victim of hacking and other scams.

There are some basic precautionary measures that you can follow in order to ensure your online safety. To help you understand those precautionary measures, here are some tips.

Understanding Basics of Anonymity

  • Keep in mind that there is a log of everything created and associated with your IP address when you open a website. This log mainly includes information about website you are coming from, your browser, links you click, time you spend on the website and your operating system.


  • Search engines are advanced. In order to remember your preferences for future reference, they store your search history.


  • Social networks also track your browsing data as almost all of the websites, now days, contain social media plugins.


  • ISP is the immediate and definite checkpoint of incoming and outgoing internet traffic you deal with.


How to Protect Personal Info

  • For registering to different sites, use email address that wouldn’t contain your personal information. The purpose is not about faking things, but it’s about being safe.
  • Apart from using major search engines that track your search preferences, you can habituate yourself to using other search engines that wouldn’t interfere in your privacy; e.g.


  • Never use the same password to create login of every site just because it would save you from hectic task of remembering multiple passwords. Instead, you can use password manager that will remember login information of your every account. Now you are all set to create complex passwords without worrying about forgetting login information.

Browsing Anonymously

  • For immediate anonymity of your browsing, you can use web-based proxies. These proxies are the servers which collect your requests, readdress them and send to sites you seek information from. While using these proxies, make sure that you are not using the websites which require your login information.


  • You can virtually tether your computer with a proxy server that would be out of your network. This process requires you to enter proxy server’s IP in the network setting of your browser. The pitfall of this step is that your incoming and outgoing traffic would be at proxy server’s disposal.


  • To increase your privacy online, you can subscribe to the VPN, Virtual Private Network. VPN works almost in the same way as that of proxy server but it ensures better security by consistently switching your outgoing and incoming traffic to multiple IP addresses. However, a VPN server keeps the record of your traffic which it can reveal on government’s request.
  • Another Anonymous browsing way is to use the Tor browser. Tor browser sends and receives your internet traffic to and from several proxies that interact with the sites you seek information from. These broken bits of traffic make it difficult for hackers track you. The major pitfall of using Tor browser is significantly slower browsing.

How to Pick the Right Domain Name

It is highly unlikely that you will need to think about the domain name when you are given the task of establishing or developing a blog or website. However, you might be asked about suggesting domain name in some situations; or you would definitely need to create a domain name when you have a task to develop your own business website.

This is a huge responsibility and a major step because domain name isn’t only a web address but an identity of the firm or industry that owns the website.

Here are some tips that you can take into the account while deciding a domain name.

  • When you search for domain names, the keyword that you use as search term usually belongs to the category of business or service. Picking any of the search results and adding suffixes or prefixes might get you your desired domain name. You may use domain name generator to get best possible options.


  • Spinning, an already existing domain name to get a new one, definitely hurts the business campaign before even it starts. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the unique, unhyphenated and properly spelled domain name for your new website. A quite huge example here is that of which had to purchase in order to ensure online visibility.
  • It is important for your online business to have a domain name that would be followed by a .com extension rather than .org, .info and so on. The mighty reason is that almost entire online community and users assume about any domain name to have a .com extension.


  • If you want easier branding and greater online visibility, make sure that your domain name is easy to type. Creating a domain name that would require some trick while typing can make it less preferable among the users who will then start searching for other sources of information.
  • If your website has a difficult and hard to remember name, you have probably lost major aspect of getting your website promoted in SERPs. A great website with hard-to-remember name would make it difficult for its readers to refer your website to their friends. Taking care of this short step would make your website to gain huge benefits.
  • Make sure that your domain name has shortest possible length. This way, your website will be easy to type, easy to remember and easy to mention.
  • After hearing your website’s name, people would expect the domain name to be relevant to the type of your website. Hence, you will need to create the domain name while focusing on creating relevance between domain name and the website’s type. If you are able to fulfill people’s expectations in this way, you are in fact persuading people to come again to your website.


  • It has to be made sure that your website’s name isn’t violating the copyrights. Although it’s a rare issue but it is of devastating nature if it arises.
  • Although, it is allowed for your domain name to contain hyphens and numbers but they can hurt your online campaign beyond your imagination. These domain names are not only difficult to type but they are also considered as spam source by most of the viewers.

Domain name creation is your one time chance to give your business the identity on the web. Make sure that you are using this chance to create what’s best for your interest on long term basis.

Guide for Setting up Solar Power System for Home

Installation of solar power system at home would not only provide you a reliable electricity backup but it will also save you a lot of electricity cost. Some important steps that you will need to take into consideration while pondering about installing the solar system are as under.

Installing Solar Power While Staying Connected To Grid

  • Solar system tied with an electric grid has two-fold benefit. This system doesn’t only provide consistent electricity but it can also help you in saving your money in a very interesting manner. The excess of electricity generated by your solar power panels can be supplied to your power company which, in return, will give you tax credits.


  • Make some research about incentives that you can get from your power company. For that purpose, contact the power company and ask the questions regarding types of incentives you can get as result of installing grid tied solar system.


  • Now it’s the time to install power panels. Quality and the number of power panels are most important factors you will need to look at. Get the help from a professional for installation.
  • If you require AC power output, you will need to connect the solar panels with an inverter which would convert DC current into AC. You can either install a big inverter, or you can connect several micro-inverters; i.e. one for each panel.


    • For separating your rest of electricity system from inverter, you can use an AC or DC Disconnect. This tool is similar to breaker box and its main job is to isolate the system when a problem occurs in solar power generator. The purpose is to avoid accumulative damage.


  • To measure the difference between factors like grid input/output and off the grid power consumption, it is important to install separate electricity measuring meter.


  • Make sure that you are following the sequence in connecting solar system with your power consumption system. For that, connect the inverter with Disconnect and then Disconnect with the main power measuring meter. The excess electricity production from solar system will cause the meter to run backward, making you eligible to receive money from your power company on annual basis.


Installation of Independent Solar Panels

  • Start by installing the panels. Call a professional to install panels for you such as You can also ask the professional to recommend the number of panels you should install in order to produce electricity according to your requirements.
  • Solar panels may produce varying electricity charge. To keep the electric current stabilized, use a charge controller.


  • Now connect charge controller to the batteries.
  • If your home’s power usage is based on AC, connect an AC converter with the batteries. It’s up to your choice whether you want to connect inverter with the main power line, or you would want only the appliances to run on solar power.


  • Connect charge converter with the solar panel. Follow the proper sequence while connecting items; i.e. panels to charge controller, charge controller to batteries, batteries to inverter, and inverter to the electricity consuming system of home.

You are all set!

VoIP Calling Service for Small Businesses – Is It worth Ditching Analog Calling?

One can surely see the monopoly of Netflix coming to an end with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol, or simply VoIP. VoIP employment is on the rise with an improvement in the data connections and capacity. But we’ll have to see whether this service is worth quitting analog calling. For that purpose, here are some basic points that need a little elaboration.

The Way VoIP Works

You don’t have to worry about anything, particularly setting up the new hardware, if you are opting for hosted VoIP service. Your phone devices will start working in a plug-and-play manner. The only hardware you will need is the phone sets that work with VoIP. You might not need even those phones if you are willing to use mobile and computer apps, which will use the VoIP service you just availed.


On the other hand; if you are willing to use self-hosted VoIP service, there is a considerable bulk of hardware you will need to install. The first thing is an internet protocol based private branch exchange, or IP-PBX, that will create a network of phone sets and softphones. To connect that internet phone network with the outside’s network, you will need a PSTN gateway which is used to connect digital PBX to the PSTN lines. Setting up this network will surely cost you more as compared to hiring an already hosted service. However, this practice has its uses which justify the hassles.

The Prerequisites of VoIP Implementation

The cost of VoIP implementation can be associated with two extremes, based on the size of company; i.e. it can either be very less expensive or it can be highly expensive.

Data usage has to be taken into special consideration before jumping to VoIP. The reason is that VoIP can use much of the internet bandwidth for voice transmission and reception. VoIP is basically designed to carry out multiple calling sessions simultaneously. Therefore, if your organization is of big size and most of the employees are required to make or receive phone calls, you may need to submit a request to your ISP for bandwidth extension.


In case you are pondering about using a cloud-based VoIP service, you might need the phone sets that use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts. The SIP accounts give every calling device a separate identity in the VoIP network. The VoIP setups that use SIPs can handle simultaneous calling better than other VoIP setups.

Pros and Cons of VoIP

Low cost is the major benefit that makes VoIP the preferable phone option for small and large businesses especially when you get these Office Phones For Sale. Moreover, the VoIP based services may provide you the features, in very cheap prices, which are either highly expensive or unavailable when you ask about them from PSTN service providers. Moreover, setting up the phone devices in a VoIP system is highly convenient as you will just have to make some minor configurations.

As for the downside, VoIP is highly dependent on the data and power backup. If any one of these goes down, the phone calling will be ceased. Moreover, most of the VoIP services do not offer emergency calling. Some of the VoIP services offer emergency calling service but you will need to subscribe for that, and it will cost you money.

VoIP is definitely the best alternate if you are looking to expand your business from the perspective which can relate more phone calling. The features and convenience are surely worth the pitfalls that you face while using this digital phone system.