Relevance between SEO and Brand – What to do First

SEO is always considered as the strategy which can bring potential customers to a business. That is true but since the marketing needs a focus, brand is definitely the first thing to work with. There are a lot of advantages in completing your brand before you start your marketing campaign because it can help you to understand your strong and weak points. It is vital because marketing alone will not give you profit and, most important of all, the customer’s trust but you will also need to build a better business-customer relationship. This would be possible only if you work with your brand prior to anything related to bring exposure to your business.

When we talk about what brand really is, the next thing that comes into mind brings company’s brand name, logo, font, image gallery, overall feel of the website and more importantly the quality of service that you provide. Work on these traits prior to anything and you will be able to kick start your business ideally. Moreover, you will have to keep it in mind that your brand perception hugely depends upon what people think about you when they are not interacting with you. It is a matter of positive opinions and it comes only by good and friendly presentation of your brand and good quality of products and services.

There has been a little talk about whether the good brand is a ranking factor. The answer to this question is that search engine’s algorithms aren’t made to focus on brands but it is the people definitely make brand a ranking factor. For that, you will have to design your website’s outlook and content in such a way that it will truly represent your brand’s strong points. Moreover, it is imperative to target your audience by engineering accurate long tail keywords. It would directly benefit your SEO strategy as well as branding.

Brand driven SEO may be hectic and tricky while being implemented but this is the ultimate solution if you want your business to be a successful one on the web. Similarly, if you are convinced by the concept of brand driven SEO, you can consider contacting AF Media Group as a local San Jose SEO service provider.

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SEO Future and the Role of Mobilegeddon

It has been almost eight months since the launch of Mobilegeddon. It would be worth having a discussion about what has been changed and how will the Mobile SEO do in future.

Providing a thorough insight of Mobilegeddon and its effect on Google, the Stone Temple Consulting CEO, Eric Enge, explains how the future SEO is going to be. Here is the summary of his seminar.

The mobile-friendly update has its momentous effects

Google’s announcement that it will prefer mobile friendly websites in the higher search results clearly states that Mobile friendliness is going to be the ranking factor in Google search results. Search results in Mobile devices’ browsers will more likely show mobile websites on the top.


It’s not difficult to guess what Google’s aims are in the wake of its preference to the mobile sites. Internet usage and, hence, searching on Google through mobile has increased to leave the Desktop internet usage behind. This evolution of mobile internet usage is something which the top search engine, i.e. Google, cannot overlook.


To test the effect of mobilegeddon in comprehensive way, Eric Enge and a team of Stone Temple experts ran some analytical measures which involved tracking Google search results of over 15,000 queries on Mobile devices’ browsers. The first test was run on April 17, just before the launch of Mobilegeddon. Second test was conducted after the launch of MobileGeddon on May 18. Occurrence of change in top 10 search results was then evaluated by Eric Enge.


Here, it would be worth mentioning that most of the internet marketing and ecommerce tycoons described the launch of Mobilegeddon as something with very little significant effect. The sample testing by Stone Temple, however, yielded almost entirely different results.

Almost half of the non-mobile-friendly pages from sample data were demoted in Google’s ranking after the launch of Mobilegeddon. On the other hand, more mobile friendly sites occupied the top ranks in SERPs.

For the conclusion, it can be stated with utmost confirmation that having a Mobile website is no longer a fancy option but it is rather a crucial factor in internet marketing and SEO.

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What is SEO Going to be in the Coming Year?

If you want your business to deliver better profit, nothing can help you as good as SEO could. In the coming year, SEO is going to be even more profitable but there are a number of factors which you will need to take into the account. Here, it would be worth mentioning that current Panda algorithm update had hit most of the running SEO strategies to nullify their effects. However, the next update is not expected to be this much harsher but you will still need to develop robust SEO strategy in order to get the best ROI.

Here are some predictions which you can keep into considerations while developing your SEO strategies for year 2016.

  • Online world is not being ruled by mobile devices. Development of android apps and cost effectiveness of android based mobile devices have prompted a huge volume of internet traffic, even surpassing the usage of internet through computers. With that said, the next update is like to focus on mobile browsers and mobile sites, altering the ranking criteria to a big extent.
  • One of the major changes expected by Google is the inclusion of semantics in searching. Google currently uses keyword suggestions based on frequent searches. With the inclusion of semantics, there will be a standard in keyword optimization to follow.
  • Quality of website and web content has always been recommended by Google and it will obviously be emphasized even more rigorously. Website structure, link building and web content will need to be more logical. This may lead to a price hike in SEO services but it is the vital investment you will need to make.
  • Organic linking is the key to success. If your well-written article points to the website which is related to your article, Google will consider that as a vote to the targeted website.
  • Google is moving more towards local searches and it has been benefitted noticeably by the mobile devices. These devices help Google to pinpoint your location. In future, this feature is going to help you in making area-wise searches rather city or country-wise searching.
  • Outbound linking is the best way to increase your credibility in the view of Google. However, the outbound linking should include the high quality source only. Adding the links of untrusted websites will make your website untrustworthy.
  • The most targeted victim of Google’s next update will be content farming. Irrelevant, robotic and bad quality content could take a major hit from Google in the coming year.

In the view of points mentioned above, it is obvious that Google is moving towards more serving of mobile internet usage. You can make your SEO strategies compatible to these trends and that will surely be the way to go.

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