How to Get Cheap Roadside Assistance?

There is one thing common between mechanical failure and accident of car; both are always unexpected. It’s natural to think about getting the car repaired, which can be costly, but the foremost worry should be to tow the car towards mechanic’s place. This is where roadside assistance comes into play. Roadside assistance is an expensive service to avail but the good news is that there are some ways to get it cheaply.

Here’s a brief elaboration.

  1. Warranty Claim

Always pay attention to the warranty paper you get with the purchase of new or old car. Some of the automakers include roadside assistance facility in the warranty. Hence, you can call your auto-dealers, in case of any emergency, and ask for the road side assistance that your claim covers.

  1. Credit card companies

You can get free roadside assistance service from your credit card company, if they have included it in the list of services they provide. There may be a restriction on the distance for which free roadside assistance can be claimed. Nevertheless, you can always call and ask the company regarding this matter.

Roadside Assistance

  1. Automobile Insurance Provider

You can ask auto insurance providers to add roadside insurance while finalizing the auto insurance policy. Different providers offer this assistance at different prices. Nonetheless, cheapest option is not always the best. You will need to make optimal choice from the perspective of cost and quality.

  1. Roadside assistance from wireless service providers

A number of wireless service providers offer roadside assistance which may cover locksmith consultation, towing, gas service and change of tires. Names of some popular services along with the costs are as under:

  • Sprint – $4/month
  • AT&T – $2.99/month
  • Verizon wireless – $3/month
  1. Auto Clubs

Auto clubs are usually the independent companies which require you to be a member if you want to avail their services. Since these are more like the local companies, you will need to analyze certain aspects like towing, lockout, dead battery, flat tire and fuel delivery in order to make a good deal. Again, good deal doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper rates but it rather involves good quality of service in optimal price.

Roadside Assistance

How to find the best plan

Sometimes, it is not worth bearing the frustration which is caused by restrictions in a cheap roadside assistance plan. Therefore, you will need to analyze certain criteria in order to make appropriate decision. For this, try finding answers of following questions:

  • Is it the car or you included in the plan? (it is to ensure that you get assistance even if your car is not driven by you)
  • Can you get assistance with your friend’s car and rentals?
  • Ask for the signup fee.
  • Ask for the number of tows you can get per annum.
  • Ask about the maximum distance a tow covers.

You find these answers; you will definitely be able to get the best and cheapest roadside assistance plan.