Cardboard Shipping Boxes Will Never Grow Old

When I was a little girl there was this magazine that I would get in the mail.  I would send in my order and then I would wait for the cardboard shipping boxes to show up.  That was always the greatest day.  This particular magazine had to do with dolls.  There was nothing else like it in the little girl world.  You could go through the pages and see every single thing for this collection of dolls, right down to the tiniest detail.

Of course it was all very expensive, but my parents were as generous and kind as they could be, and I could always expect some of the items from my wish list on my birthday or Christmas.  Primarily anything and everything that I wanted came from that magazine anyway.  It was either doll stuff or books.  Yeah, I was that kind of girl.  I wasn’t into dresses, or Barbies, and I wasn’t annoying about it.  In fact, I preferred to play alone.  But that’s beside the point.  The point is that when I would get my birthday money I would put together my order.


That was back when you filled in your order by hand.  The order sheet came in the center of the magazine, and you would go through and make sure you had the right item number written down.  I would check and double check, because I was terribly afraid of getting the wrong item.  And then I would wait.  I would take walks when the mail was usually delivered in the hopes that by the time I got back my shipment would have arrived.  When it did, I would go through the box slowly, because I couldn’t bear to rush the moment.  I needed to savor it all.  I took notice of how everything was packaged.

The little white, posterboard gift boxes stacked inside of the big brown, cardboard shipping boxes.  It was a delightful setup for a meticulous child with OCD and an addiction.  Eventually, everything would be laid out.  And I would probably rewrap it and put it all back until the next day, when I would unwrap it again.  I would cross those items off my list, and add some more to the bottom.

Even as an adult, the sight of cardboard shipping boxes gets me excited.  Even as an adult I would love to expand my collection.  I do have bills to pay, though, and doll stuff isn’t on that list…

Key Decorating Tips to Make the Room Shine!

For many of us, we think designers have a set of rules, but the truth is, there is no rule book. There are creative elements people can use like stone paneling, but there are a lot of little suggestions that will help people get a great result. Here is a great video showing how Faux Stone PAnels can be used in exterior and interior designing.These are the tried and true things that can work, and this article will give you some great foundations to base your designs off of so you can have a great result at the end of the day.

Decorating Tips 1

The first is to pick your paint color at the very end. The reason for this is because there are a ton of paint colors, and sometimes if you start to pick your color first, you’ll end up moving in and hating it, and you’ll have to fix it. Only have the paint color chosen when the stuff is inside your home.

The next is to give your furniture a bit of room. Don’t’ overcrowd your room, because you will want to move with ease. Don’t’ fill up a room with lots of furniture, but instead buy more quality pieces so your room looks better. It won’t’ feel as cramped either, which is always a plus.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartments

Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartments

There is also the element of hanging your artwork at the right height. You should instead hang everything that you have, and see where it would look best. Ideally, the midline should be about five feet from the floor, given that the average human eye level is 57 inches. If you don’t think that fits, you should instead use Photoshop to determine where it is. Take a picture of your space and then draw it out, thinking of the ideal area to put the artwork that you so very much cherish.

Decorating Tips 3

You should also figure out how to arrange furniture on a rug. There are three different ways, one of them being all on where the rug is wide enough to have all of the furniture on top of it. If you have a big rug, this will work better. You should leave at least a foot on all four sides of the borders. You can have it all off, which will allow you to have a rug that touches the front legs of each piece to give your place a nice feel without it seeming small. Then there is the front on, where you just have the front feet on the rug. This gives it a better feeling and makes it feel more open and decorative.

Decorating Tips 4

Finally, you should refuse to be too theme-y. What this means is that you shouldn’t go crazy with the Cape Cod or the ocean themes, because too many times it looks just like all the pictures that you see. You can be eclectic, but you should also keep to the basic guidelines. Give yourself the individuality you want your house to have, and soon you’ll be happier with it.

Having these decorating tips can help you achieve the best house possible, and it can make your abode look even better than before.

Tips to Consider While Buying Evaporative Cooler

It can be hectic and expensive to install conventional indoor cooling arrangement to make summer days easier. Nevertheless, there also exists an easy option which is not only convenient when being installed but cost effective too. This option is to get an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative cooler is an extremely viable substitute for traditional cooling systems but there are some important things you would need to take into consideration if you have made your mind to go for this option.

  1. You first need to make sure that your climate allows evaporative cooling to be effective. If you live in hot and humid area, setting the evaporative cooling system will make things worse. This cooler works best when there is no moisture in the air. The mechanism of this cooler’s functionality is that its cooling pad produces water vapors when it receives dry air. That process of dry air making water on cooling pad to vaporize actually produces cool effect which is then propagated by fan of evaporative cooler.
  2. Evaporative cooler, as compared to traditional cooling system, is energy efficient and, hence, saves a lot of money. Due to its reliance on simplest method of cooling, it doesn’t cost much when bought.With the help of evaporative cooler, you can cut your energy bill up to 50% of what you pay if you have air conditioning system installed. Moreover, evaporative cooler is an environmentally friendly solution because it doesn’t involve air filtering. Air filtering usually results in polluted air to be released via split AC’s outlet.


  1. Keep in mind that effectiveness of evaporative cooler depends upon the proportion between its size and the area which is to be cooled. It’s unwise to pick a small-sized cooler for bigger area because that will put extra burden on cooler. You can calculate the ability of proposed cooler to cool the place. This cooling ability is known as CFM. To calculate CFM, divide total area in square feet by 2. Total area, in this scenario, is the mathematical product of room’s space and height between floor and ceiling.
  2. There are two types of evaporative coolers you can choose from. One is the portable cooler and another one is window mounted evaporative cooler. The benefit of getting portable evaporative cooler is that it can be placed at different areas of room. Portable coolers usually have castors attached to them in order to ease the mobility.Window mounted evaporative coolers are ideal when you want your cooler to get consistent supply of dry air. Since the back side of window mounted cooler would be exposed directly to dry air, you would be able to get the best out of your window mounted evaporative cooler.


  1. The best thing about any type of evaporative coolers is that they are extremely easy to maintain. Most of the time, you would just need to follow simple DIY methods for maintenance of evaporative coolers.

Considering above-mentioned tips, Snowman evaporative air conditioning is the best option you could have to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm summer months.

Tips for Having a Better Married Life

After the wedding is over, now you are couple. This change in status brings a lot of joys and challenges which the life partners can either conceal from each other and live a dull life, or they can share these matters with each other get rid of the burdens without getting tired to spend a successful life.

You are definitely stepping in the right direction if your purpose of getting married was influenced by the latter concept.

In this short article, we are going to give out tips to answer “save my marriage“:

  • It’s good to stay charming and beautiful most of the time but don’t overdo it. Keep it in the normal limits so that you won’t get tired after a couple of years. Remember, external beauty exposure might not remain the same but the feeling of attachment from the core of heart is everlasting.


  • Share jokes and laughter with your partner. That will bring both of you together.


  • An unmarried person looks at wedding and married life from a perspective which is usually influenced by the concept or determination to stay happy with the life partner forever. However, the married life can practically be a harsher experience. There may be a situation when your partner would be willing to talk to you but your mental stress wouldn’t let you to respond properly. It can really be a mood spoiler because your partner might start perceiving you as disrespectful. Therefore, pay respect to your partner no matter what you are going through. That will not only be better for your relationship but it will certainly calm you down at that moment too.


  • Men and women are different. Therefore, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore recommended that you show appreciation for the weaknesses as well as strengths of your partner. Marriage is such a beautiful bond which compensates one’s weaknesses with other one’s strengths.
  • Try to be innovative while thinking about making your spouse’s life better and happier every day. That will not only convince your life partner regarding your sincerity but that will help you to have a firm belief that you can really care for him or her.
  • If you are a husband, you may have good idea regarding what a little complement to your wife can do. Therefore, praise your spouse more often.
  • When your partner asks from you for an opinion about anything, reply him/her honestly and sincerely. Avoid giving the answer “as you wish”, or “whatever you want”.
  • Make sure that you have time which you can give to your partner. Spending a few minutes together before going to bed and talking about anything you want is the best thing you can do to close the day for you and your spouse.


  • If possible, do your daily physical workout in the company of your spouse.
  • If you both have a relationship which is based on trust, don’t be curious about your spouse’s actions that irritate you. May be your partner doesn’t realize that you do not appreciate his/her actions.
  • Be like an open book to your partner. Your act of concealing things from your spouse would only raise suspicions which are certainly poisonous for a relationship.


  • Never ask for perfection. Keep it in mind that you and your partner are human beings, the very creatures that are bound to make mistakes.
  • Couples engage in arguments. Therefore, ensure that your arguments are not hurting the feelings of your spouse. Be respectful and polite, and never turn argument into personal attack.

There is a lot to say when we talk about making the married life happier. However, we can wrap this up with three words; love, respect and trust. Bring these three words in your married life and you will definitely enjoy being in a relationship.

Simple Guide to Pick a Right Food Processor

While buying the food processor, there are certain things that you will need to take into consideration in order to ensure that you are buying right product according to your requirements.

To help you in purchase of food processor, here is a simple guide you would surely find useful.

  • Start by looking at quality of material from which food processor would have been made. The poor quality food processor wouldn’t survive for very long and you will be again in the market, looking for the new one. Moreover, analyze locking mechanism of food processor to see if it wouldn’t spill out the items while running. Ensure that locking system is reliable.


  • It’d be great if your food processor has a place integrated with it, so that detachable items could be stored while food processor is kept on the self. Especially the power cord must have a storage space in food processor because deranged cord would not only make the place around food processor messy but the cord would also be prone to damage.


  • Blade style is one of the most important things to be taken into the account. Blades of different styles chop the food ingredients in different ways. So, you will have to decide what style of blade suits your food processing requirements. You can ask the sales representative at the home center to provide you with the details about different blades and their functions. Some of the most common blade styles are French fry disc, Dough blade, Purifier or juicer blades, Slicing disc, Shredding disc, Sabatier blade and Julienne disc.


  • You wouldn’t have to worry about the accessories if your food processor already has them in the package. However, you will certainly have to decide about the accessories to be used, based on your requirements, if the model you are purchasing comes with only the basic items such as a pair of blades and necessary storage cup or mug. Again, buy the only accessories that you need otherwise the purchase would be useless money expenditure.


  • You would have to give up the habit of going for highly cost effective option while buying food processor. Food processor is usually a frequently used item, and it certainly needs to be stronger and more reliable. It is to ensure that you will not have to run to the repair shops more often. Nevertheless, you can consider buying cheaper food processor if you are an occasional user.


Some addition tips in order to ensure that you are buying the right item are as under.

  • Analyze the spare portions at your kitchen shelves before buying food processor. If your kitchen shelves are already stuffed with the items that you don’t want to discard anytime soon, you can purchase a food processor of smaller size.
  • Do comparisons between different models of different brands before buying food processor. Get help from online shops in this regard.
  • If you aren’t much concerned about styles of chopped items, you can buy a multipurpose blender. Nevertheless, you can still get almost full functionality of a food processor from your blender with the help of blades of different styles.

I hope above-mentioned tips would be helpful for you to pick the right food procession.

Comparative Analysis of Magic Bullet and Nutribullet

If you want to avoid the consumption of fast foods and want the same for your family, you have to make arrangements to make food at your home so delicious that everybody would prefer it over fast foods. Starting with the smoothies, there are countless recipes. Preparing smoothies isn’t difficult but you need a good quality blender if you want to shake the ingredients well.

In this article, we are going to compare two top quality blenders which are preferred by many consumers in US. These two blenders are Magic Bullet and Nutribullet.

Nutribullet vs Magic bullet: Some Prominent Differences

The factors which most of the consumers take into consideration while buying a blender are price, features, number of blades, speed of motor, and accessories.

With the help of a Bullet blender, you can blend ingredients with the help of motor that spins blades at the speed of 24,000 RPM. This speed is certainly ideal to completely blend any ingredient in a matter of a few seconds. Moreover, the blades in these blenders do fine grinding job with tougher ingredients like coffee beans and hard seeds.


If we talk about the main difference between Magic Bullet and Nutribullet, the biggest one is that Nutribullet’s motor consumes 600 watts while Magic bullet’s motor runs on 250 watts. Hence, Nutribullet is more powerful than Magic Bullet when it comes to grinding power. However, it doesn’t mean that Magic Bullet is lower in quality than Nutribullet. The difference between both models defines the capacity and usability domain.


  • You get two blades in the package of Nutribullet. One is the Extractor Blade which is used for blending, grating, chopping and processing items like onions, seeds, coffee beans and ingredients used in smoothies. The second blade is Milling Flat Blade. This blade is ideal if you want to whip cream, crush coffee beans or chop spices.
  • Magic Bullet includes Ice Shaver Blade along with the two blades mentioned above. An ice shaver blade does the job of crushing ice to turn it into snow. This crushed ice enhances the taste of smoothies and other drinks.


Cups and Mugs

Given the price of Nutribullet being higher as compared to Magic Bullet, it would be surprising for you to know that Nutribullet comes with fewer cups and mugs as compared to those of Magic Bullet. Nutribullet blender comes with 2 mugs and a large cup. However, Magic Bullet comes with three mugs, two big cups, and a large and small mixing cup.


You will have to do a little shifting job while preparing two cups of drinks using Nutribullet; i.e. making a large cup of drink, pouring that drink into a pitcher or jug, and washing the cup to make another large cup of drink. On the other hand, Magic Bullet allows you to fill ingredients in two cups at the same time. When the first cup is ready, you can immediately fix another cup on blender and let the motor spin. You will get two cups of smoothie ready in less than a minute.

Both blenders come with 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warrantee. Warrantee is the common deal but 30-day guarantee would surely let you analyze the quality of your blender.

Tracking the Cost of Junk/Debris Removal

Home construction and improvement projects give desirable results but you would really want to get rid of the junk or debris produced in the process. Debris/junk removal can be cost effective but there are some important points that you need to take into consideration. These points are mostly concerned with the situations and conditions which make the removal tasks difficult or convenient; hence, affecting the overall cost of removal projects.

Tracking the Cost of Junk/Debris Removal

Sites From Where Junk Needs Removal

Apart from the level of difficulty in handling and maneuvering of junk removal, type of site also influences the price. In US, the average price of junk removal from home is $207; while the cost of junk removal from apartments averages out to $221. The average cost of debris or junk removal from business sites is $411. However, the cost might increase or decrease based on the type of business, amount of junk, and the difficulty level in handling.


Location of Junk/Debris

Removal services can be acquired for both indoor and outdoor junk removal. Outdoor junk removal is easier as it usually takes less time and effort for the junk to be shifted to the loading truck. Hence, the cost for outdoor removal would understandably be lower. On the other hand, indoor removal service may involve more handling, manpower and extra effort for the junk to be removed from the place.

Therefore, the cost would also be higher. Average costs for removal from different locations are as under.

  • Junk removal from outdoor yard may cost up to $190.
  • Junk removal from inside of the building may cost $213 – $215. This price is for junk removal from ground floor.
  • Removal of junk from second floor may cost $250.
  • Third floor junk removal usually costs up to $300.


Types of Junk

Type of junk has to be taken into the account if you allocating the budget for its removal. For that purpose, you can ask the contractor about the price. This consultation will make it easier for the contractor to plan the acquiring of manpower and resources needed for junk removal involving the type of junk at your place. Amount of junk is also the factor that contractors keep in their considerations while acquiring the resources. Average price ranges for removal of different types of junk are as follow.

  • Junk consisted of big appliances: $105 – 107
  • Junk based on big furniture parts: $82
  • Large amount of junk consisted of different materials: $240
  • Waste from yard and concrete: $115 and $190 respectively

These are the average estimates based on data about removal jobs involving most common junk types.

Truck’s Accessibility at the Location of Junk

Another factor that influences the price of any junk removal task is the location’s accessibility. It’s not a hard and fast rule that yard’s junk removal at your place would cost you exactly the same price that would have been paid for yard’s junk removal three streets away from your home. The most probable reason in this regard is the truck’s accessibility. The greater would be the difficulty in truck’s accessibility, the higher would be the price. However if you are looking for cost-effective solution, you can contact

What to Wear On Different Occasions – Understanding Dress Code

It really doesn’t feel good when you think about dressing for a party or business meeting, and end up being a victim of sarcasm in the gossips during the occasion. That ought to happen when you make the simple task of dressing the complicated one.

The only thing you will need is the simplicity. Simple dressing without stressful thinking prior to it will help you to stand prominent during any event. Even in under garments, prime focus should be comfort so that you would feel more confident about yourself as well. For women, everyday minimiser bras provide comfort in their daily routine.

Nevertheless, you would definitely need to know about the dress codes in order to get an understanding about what to wear on particular occasion. Here are some simple ideas about different dress codes for different occasions.

  1. Dressing for Holidays And Casual Events

For casual events, it’s important to get an idea about the dress that your host is going to wear. It is really good idea to obtain that kind of dress because it will not only make you admirable among your hosts but also among the other guests.

Holiday events are usually arranged in winters. Therefore, a sweater or a leather jacket is an ideal choice. For women, sweater with other warm dress is the appropriate option. Furthermore, women can also consider wearing jewelry which may involve rings and earrings made of gold or silver with decorative stones attached to them.


  1. Dressing for Business Casual Event

These events are neither completely formal nor completely casual. Therefore, the dressing for these events needs to be the mix of both. Men can wear sports jackets or blazers and khakis. It’s not appropriate for women to wear khakis. Make sure that you are not following complete formal dress code because it would seem more awkward as compared to completely casual dressing.


  1. The Business Attire

Business attire for a business event needs you to be even more formal as compared to your office dressing. This is the biggest point you will need to take into consideration.

If you want to get an idea about what you are going wear in business party, you can have a look at presidential candidates or your favorite political figures.


  1. Semi-Formal Dressing

Semi-formal or cocktail party dressing is usually more formal than what’s usually defined through the word ‘semi’. Men can wear tux which might involve silk tie, white shirt and black suit. The women can wear black, and a bit more glittering, dresses.


  1. Black Tie Or Formal Dressing

For the rare events which demand style and extreme exhibition, black tie dressing is the best choice. These dresses do not give extensive options. Men usually wear black tuxedos and women wear long dresses.



These dressings are quite familiar to the ones worn by participants of red carpet events.

Tips to Pick the Right Kitchen Cabinetry

Updating the kitchen cabinetry affect doesn’t only the overall kitchen’s style and design but undoubtedly your budget too. Therefore, you need to be careful in picking the style of cabinetry for your kitchen because it’s a once-in-a-long-time investment; and you really can’t afford your expense and efforts to be ruined by having a kitchen cabinetry with undesirable looks.

In this article, we are going to mention some elements and designs that can be helpful for you in developing the kitchen cabinetry of your choice.


Cabinet Door Style

Picking door style for the best custom cabinets is crucial and its needs to be done with extreme care or it will go out of your budget. Nevertheless, you can be smarter in making choice for the doors in order to avoid the budget being hurt badly. Some tips are worth mentioning in this context.

  • Cabinets made entirely of wood are good to look at but they can be expensive. Rather, you can pick appropriate style of glass cabinets and put your best dishes on the show.
  • It’s not necessary to use traditional swinging doors in cabinets. Instead, you can use corner drawers, flip-up doors and pocket doors to bring more functionality in the kitchen cabinetry.
  • If you are fond of traditional furniture and want that taste to be reflected in your kitchen cabinetry as well, you can pick shaker style. It’s simple, elegant and cost effective.
  • A hutch above the counter represents your traditional taste like nothing else. With the glass fronts of this hutch, you can put decorative utensils on display.
  • To make your traditional as well as modern kitchen design more prominent, you can use open shelving which could provide you an excellent space to place your dishes and teapots.


Hardware for Cabinets

Apart from the style of cabinets, you also need to install the hardware that would create functionality in the cabinets. Hence, it would be worth mentioning some ideas for selecting the hardware.

  • To keep your cabinet simple and less fussy, you can pick flat-panel cabinet style. The hardware for this style makes the cabinets workable by simple pulling.
  • If you are a fond of vintage styles, you can pick the raised-panel cabinets. There are a lot of raised panel cabinet ideas, from which you can pick one according to your taste in traditional furnishing. The raised-panel cabinet’s style is distinguishable mainly due to the knobs and handles of different old-fashioned designs.


Finishing and Colors

Trend of finishing the cabinets with different colors is now back. There are different options you can consider in this concern.

  • Using two different colors according to the proportion of your desire can be the good idea for cabinet finishing. For sensible contrast between the colors, you can use one bold color and another one classic.
  • If you like the beauty of wood but still want to use another color, you can use stains.
  • If you are not willing to spend a lot of time in maintaining the looks of your kitchen, you can do some distressed finishing of the cabinets. This style can even conceal the wear and tear to some extent.


To make the look of your kitchen more impressive; it is imperative for the items, to be used in kitchen decoration, to match with the design pattern in the kitchen cabinetry. If you are looking for room decoration ideas, you can check out this post.