Tips and Tricks for Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the gifts for you to enjoy your holidays. This first person shooter mobile game would surely be your first choice if you are fond of killing zombies. The game’s fast pace, excellent graphic details and bloody nature are the engaging factors; and you will not even realize what is going on around outside the mobile device you are holding.

To make your gaming experience better, here are some tips that will help you by affirming your grip over the game.

Don’t ignore ‘TapJoy’ Offer

If you want to keep killing zombies, you need gold coins. For that, do not ignore ‘register for TapJoy’ offer that will pop up during the game. After registering, you will be given options to install several free apps. Download them, reload the game; and then you should be seeing some valuable gold coins added to your gaming profile.

Aim for the Headshots

Headshot in a shooting game is sheer fun; and in the case with Dead Trigger 2, you get gold coins with headshots. If your aim is better, point at the heads of running zombies and pull the trigger. You are definitely going to enjoy this hunting.


Earn Blueprints by Shooting Minibosses

Minibosses are intense; but they are good if you want to earn the blueprints. All you will need is to shoot them. Dead Trigger 2 has some stages in which you can accomplish the missions by evading these minibosses, but it is the best practice to kill them. As long as these big zombies stay alive, they retain zombie spawn points around them. Therefore, it is recommended to take them down in order to further advance in the level.


Preserve Painkillers As Much As Possible

Painkillers can make big difference during advance stages of the game. Sometimes, it is difficult to make it through the attacks by hordes of zombies. At those stages, painkillers are your best companions as they can prolong your life.


Red Skull Icon: The Danger Sign

As soon as you see red skull icon on display, run away in the opposite direction without wasting a second. Red Skull means you are about to be attacked by legions of zombies and running away is the only chance to elude the attack.

Exploding Zombies

You might survive after being bitten by a biting zombie, but exploding zombies are the real messy things that you must stay away from. Even if you kill them, do it from a safe distance to stay unharmed.

Timed Missions need Missions Completion rather than Zombie Mass Killing

This is the thing you should focus during missions with a time limit. In every mission of this game, you will not fall short of incoming zombies. Killing them is fun but it isn’t recommended in timed missions because it can make you run out of time and you will be far away from your objective. Therefore, if the mission accomplishment in a timed mission demands you to let some groups of zombies pass, let them pass.

Shoot the Barrels

Barrels are the best bet to kill the masses of tough zombies with one shot. Lure a number of zombies to get near the barrel and take a shot at the barrel. Enjoy watching flying ‘absolutely dead’ zombies.

Dead Trigger 2 is an amazing game that brings sheer fun with its gameplay. There are other Dead trigger 2 hack which people use but its always recommended to watch out for a good one.