Cardboard Shipping Boxes Will Never Grow Old

When I was a little girl there was this magazine that I would get in the mail.  I would send in my order and then I would wait for the cardboard shipping boxes to show up.  That was always the greatest day.  This particular magazine had to do with dolls.  There was nothing else like it in the little girl world.  You could go through the pages and see every single thing for this collection of dolls, right down to the tiniest detail.

Of course it was all very expensive, but my parents were as generous and kind as they could be, and I could always expect some of the items from my wish list on my birthday or Christmas.  Primarily anything and everything that I wanted came from that magazine anyway.  It was either doll stuff or books.  Yeah, I was that kind of girl.  I wasn’t into dresses, or Barbies, and I wasn’t annoying about it.  In fact, I preferred to play alone.  But that’s beside the point.  The point is that when I would get my birthday money I would put together my order.


That was back when you filled in your order by hand.  The order sheet came in the center of the magazine, and you would go through and make sure you had the right item number written down.  I would check and double check, because I was terribly afraid of getting the wrong item.  And then I would wait.  I would take walks when the mail was usually delivered in the hopes that by the time I got back my shipment would have arrived.  When it did, I would go through the box slowly, because I couldn’t bear to rush the moment.  I needed to savor it all.  I took notice of how everything was packaged.

The little white, posterboard gift boxes stacked inside of the big brown, cardboard shipping boxes.  It was a delightful setup for a meticulous child with OCD and an addiction.  Eventually, everything would be laid out.  And I would probably rewrap it and put it all back until the next day, when I would unwrap it again.  I would cross those items off my list, and add some more to the bottom.

Even as an adult, the sight of cardboard shipping boxes gets me excited.  Even as an adult I would love to expand my collection.  I do have bills to pay, though, and doll stuff isn’t on that list…