Key Decorating Tips to Make the Room Shine!

For many of us, we think designers have a set of rules, but the truth is, there is no rule book. There are creative elements people can use like stone paneling, but there are a lot of little suggestions that will help people get a great result. Here is a great video showing how Faux Stone PAnels can be used in exterior and interior designing.These are the tried and true things that can work, and this article will give you some great foundations to base your designs off of so you can have a great result at the end of the day.

Decorating Tips 1

The first is to pick your paint color at the very end. The reason for this is because there are a ton of paint colors, and sometimes if you start to pick your color first, you’ll end up moving in and hating it, and you’ll have to fix it. Only have the paint color chosen when the stuff is inside your home.

The next is to give your furniture a bit of room. Don’t’ overcrowd your room, because you will want to move with ease. Don’t’ fill up a room with lots of furniture, but instead buy more quality pieces so your room looks better. It won’t’ feel as cramped either, which is always a plus.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartments

Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartments

There is also the element of hanging your artwork at the right height. You should instead hang everything that you have, and see where it would look best. Ideally, the midline should be about five feet from the floor, given that the average human eye level is 57 inches. If you don’t think that fits, you should instead use Photoshop to determine where it is. Take a picture of your space and then draw it out, thinking of the ideal area to put the artwork that you so very much cherish.

Decorating Tips 3

You should also figure out how to arrange furniture on a rug. There are three different ways, one of them being all on where the rug is wide enough to have all of the furniture on top of it. If you have a big rug, this will work better. You should leave at least a foot on all four sides of the borders. You can have it all off, which will allow you to have a rug that touches the front legs of each piece to give your place a nice feel without it seeming small. Then there is the front on, where you just have the front feet on the rug. This gives it a better feeling and makes it feel more open and decorative.

Decorating Tips 4

Finally, you should refuse to be too theme-y. What this means is that you shouldn’t go crazy with the Cape Cod or the ocean themes, because too many times it looks just like all the pictures that you see. You can be eclectic, but you should also keep to the basic guidelines. Give yourself the individuality you want your house to have, and soon you’ll be happier with it.

Having these decorating tips can help you achieve the best house possible, and it can make your abode look even better than before.