Guide to Change Your Car Air Filter

Air is as important for a car as fuel. Hence, every car contains air filters. The purpose of air filter is to keep the inside of the car engine free from dust and dirt. To ensure better performance of the engine, air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced from time to time.

Air filters are not costly, and setting them in their place is also very simple. Hence, it is the task that you can do by yourself pretty conveniently.

The guide for air filter replacement is as under.

  1. Make sure that your new air filter is same exactly like the old one. The best practice is to keep the user manual with you while buying replacement air filter. For consultation, contact the auto company.
  2. 1

  3. Park the car in right position; i.e. the level ground. Apply parking brakes and shift the car to first gear. Turn the ignition off right after that.
  4. 2

  5. Loosen the bonnet with a lever that would be inside the car. For the final release, move exterior bonnet catch. Then lift the bonnet up and use a prop rod to secure it.
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  7. After the bonnet is lifted, you can find air filter right in front of you on the engine’s top. There would be the difference of positions depending upon whether the car is new or old. However, it doesn’t make air filter hard to find.
  8. 4

  9. The filter would be concealed under the cover. Remove that cover. To remove the cover, hose clamps that are used for air sealing should be loosened. Unscrew the screws and put them in a place from where they wouldn’t be lost. Lift the cover by pulling it. If you are unsure about how to pull this cover, ask a mechanic.
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  11. The filter would be of rectangular of circular shape. There is usually a rubber rim, with every filter, which serves as the sealer of filter’s housing. Get the filter out of its housing.
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  13. To clean the filter with compressed air, connect a hose with the compressor and turn it on. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to get the dirt and dust sucked out of the filter. Make sure that air conduit is sealed. Use removable adhesive tape for that purpose. That will prevent entering of any dust into engine.
  14. 8

  15. Now place the new filter in the housing. Ensure that rubber rim appears on the upside. Moreover, edges should be sealed well by rubber rim.
  16. 9

  17. Cover the air conduit with the cover lid and press this entire assembly into the other half of the filter. Secure it by pressing well for a perfect sealing and then tighten the screws. Make sure that everything is back on its place and then shut the bonnet.
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  19. If car isn’t taking the dust and is performing well, you have certainly got the job done.
  20. 11

  21. Changing the filter once in every year or after the car’s 50,000 kilometers’ run is important. However, you would need to replace the air filter more often than this if you live in a dusty area.

I hope above-mentioned guide would be helpful but if you need a professional help, you may look for Auto Repair Washington.