Tips to Consider While Buying Evaporative Cooler

It can be hectic and expensive to install conventional indoor cooling arrangement to make summer days easier. Nevertheless, there also exists an easy option which is not only convenient when being installed but cost effective too. This option is to get an evaporative cooler.

Evaporative cooler is an extremely viable substitute for traditional cooling systems but there are some important things you would need to take into consideration if you have made your mind to go for this option.

  1. You first need to make sure that your climate allows evaporative cooling to be effective. If you live in hot and humid area, setting the evaporative cooling system will make things worse. This cooler works best when there is no moisture in the air. The mechanism of this cooler’s functionality is that its cooling pad produces water vapors when it receives dry air. That process of dry air making water on cooling pad to vaporize actually produces cool effect which is then propagated by fan of evaporative cooler.
  2. Evaporative cooler, as compared to traditional cooling system, is energy efficient and, hence, saves a lot of money. Due to its reliance on simplest method of cooling, it doesn’t cost much when bought.With the help of evaporative cooler, you can cut your energy bill up to 50% of what you pay if you have air conditioning system installed. Moreover, evaporative cooler is an environmentally friendly solution because it doesn’t involve air filtering. Air filtering usually results in polluted air to be released via split AC’s outlet.


  1. Keep in mind that effectiveness of evaporative cooler depends upon the proportion between its size and the area which is to be cooled. It’s unwise to pick a small-sized cooler for bigger area because that will put extra burden on cooler. You can calculate the ability of proposed cooler to cool the place. This cooling ability is known as CFM. To calculate CFM, divide total area in square feet by 2. Total area, in this scenario, is the mathematical product of room’s space and height between floor and ceiling.
  2. There are two types of evaporative coolers you can choose from. One is the portable cooler and another one is window mounted evaporative cooler. The benefit of getting portable evaporative cooler is that it can be placed at different areas of room. Portable coolers usually have castors attached to them in order to ease the mobility.Window mounted evaporative coolers are ideal when you want your cooler to get consistent supply of dry air. Since the back side of window mounted cooler would be exposed directly to dry air, you would be able to get the best out of your window mounted evaporative cooler.


  1. The best thing about any type of evaporative coolers is that they are extremely easy to maintain. Most of the time, you would just need to follow simple DIY methods for maintenance of evaporative coolers.

Considering above-mentioned tips, Snowman evaporative air conditioning is the best option you could have to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable during warm summer months.