Tips for Installing Peerless Faucet

Peerless faucet is a stylish accessory which can make water sink basin at kitchen or bathroom pretty esthetic as well as useful. Good thing is that you can follow some DIY tips to install the faucet by yourself instead of calling a plumber and paying extra bucks.

The tools that you will need for installing the faucet include pliers, adjustable wrench and a flat head screwdriver. Remove the old faucet to make the place ready for installation. You will need plumber’s filler if you want the faucet to look like popping up from a flat surface.

Here is the guide that you can follow to install the peerless faucet in a professional manner.

  • The top of the sink would have a hole, specifically made to adjust faucet in the slot. Get the faucet inserted into that hole. Get under the sink and fix the faucet by using nuts on the threats which would show up under the sink. Ask someone to look at the sink to make sure that faucet doesn’t get nonaligned from its place. To ensure proper tightness, use pliers.


  • The faucet would have corresponding slots where you can connect hot and cold water pipes. This connection needs to be made in the faucet slots underneath the sink. Use the power of your hand to tighten the connection. Never use wrench or pliers as these pipes are usually too fragile for the usage of tools.


  • To install the pop-up assembly, start with placing the putty on the top of drain. Get a flange, insert it and press it to adjust it. By pushing the flange, some excess of putty will comes out. Remove it. Some threads would be attached at the bottom of the flange. Pass that thread through the rest of pop-up assembly underneath the sink.


  • Now is the time to attach faucet with rest of the assembly. For that purpose, you need a pull bar and a rectangular metal with several holes in it. There would be a place for pull bar on the top of the faucet. Insert pull bar into that place. Get underneath the sink as rectangular metal part would have its application there. Fix the pull bar’s end, which would have come out of the surface beneath the sink, in one of the metal’s holes. Tighten it with the help of the clip. There would be two ways of fixing this setup based on availability or unavailability of the seal.


  • The faucet should be functional now but you will need to take the chance of leakage into the account. To check for the leakage, let the faucet run the water. Use pull bar to seal the drain. If water doesn’t leak out of the sealed drain after filling up of sink, the setup is leak-proof.


There you go. This simple DIY guide should help you to in precise installation of peerless faucet. However if you find it difficult, you may look for plumbers in Billerica Ma to get it done professionally.