Guide to Install Hard Wood Flooring

You should go for hardwood floor installation if you want to enhance your home’s value. Good thing is that you can install hardwood flooring by yourself. Only you will need is to follow some DIY tips which we going to mention in this brief guide.

Start with choosing the hard wood to be installed

  • The best option is to pick the solid hardwood. This hardwood is reliable and gives good character to the floor. Nevertheless, you will need to take hardwood’s reaction to water into consideration. Hence, it’s surely not the good idea to install solid hardwood in an area where there is a chance of water coming in unexpectedly.


  • You can also choose engineered hardwood because it is made to resist negative changes which may appear in the solid hardwood.


Preparation for Installation

  • Before you lay down the wood panels, it is important to make the subfloor ready for this installation.


  • Leave the wood panels in the room to let them acclimatize with the room’s environment, which mainly includes room’s temperature and moisture level. The best practice is to leave the wood inside for 3 days.
  • Gather the tools you will need to install hardwood flooring. These tools are Transitions and baseboard molding, Hammer and nail set, finishing nails, tapping block, spacers, pry bar, miter or circular saw, measuring tools, and tool for floor’s nailing.


Installation Process

  • While laying the first board, make sure that its tongued-face edge is facing the room.


  • Make guiding holes in the wood panel with the help of a drill. Then nail the subfloor through the drilled holes in the wood. That should attach the board with subfloor.
  • Place the second board in a way that it adjusts the tongue of first board in its groove. For the tight placement of second board against the first one, use a tapping block at the second block’s free edge and hammer it towards the panels.


  • Complete three rows in the same manner and hammer nails in all the panels in the way mentioned in 2nd
  • Because you would stagger the boards, there would be the gaps which would need to be filled by cutting the boards according to size of gaps.
  • Now use flooring nailer to lay the rows. This tool makes the nailing job easy when you install panels away from the walls.


  • Install the last panels by nailing with the help of nails and hammer.
  • You will most probably need to adjust the width of last panels to fit it in the last slot. Take the measurement of gap’s width and cut the panel according to that measurement.


Finishing Of Hardwood Flooring

  • After the main installation work is done, seal the small spaces between panels and walls by using baseboard trim.


  • To finally finish the installation, use trim and transitions in the areas where the wall would not be present; i.e. room entrances.


  • If you see any holes in the hardwood, cover them by using putty.


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