Tips for Having a Better Married Life

After the wedding is over, now you are couple. This change in status brings a lot of joys and challenges which the life partners can either conceal from each other and live a dull life, or they can share these matters with each other get rid of the burdens without getting tired to spend a successful life.

You are definitely stepping in the right direction if your purpose of getting married was influenced by the latter concept.

In this short article, we are going to give out tips to answer “save my marriage“:

  • It’s good to stay charming and beautiful most of the time but don’t overdo it. Keep it in the normal limits so that you won’t get tired after a couple of years. Remember, external beauty exposure might not remain the same but the feeling of attachment from the core of heart is everlasting.


  • Share jokes and laughter with your partner. That will bring both of you together.


  • An unmarried person looks at wedding and married life from a perspective which is usually influenced by the concept or determination to stay happy with the life partner forever. However, the married life can practically be a harsher experience. There may be a situation when your partner would be willing to talk to you but your mental stress wouldn’t let you to respond properly. It can really be a mood spoiler because your partner might start perceiving you as disrespectful. Therefore, pay respect to your partner no matter what you are going through. That will not only be better for your relationship but it will certainly calm you down at that moment too.


  • Men and women are different. Therefore, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore recommended that you show appreciation for the weaknesses as well as strengths of your partner. Marriage is such a beautiful bond which compensates one’s weaknesses with other one’s strengths.
  • Try to be innovative while thinking about making your spouse’s life better and happier every day. That will not only convince your life partner regarding your sincerity but that will help you to have a firm belief that you can really care for him or her.
  • If you are a husband, you may have good idea regarding what a little complement to your wife can do. Therefore, praise your spouse more often.
  • When your partner asks from you for an opinion about anything, reply him/her honestly and sincerely. Avoid giving the answer “as you wish”, or “whatever you want”.
  • Make sure that you have time which you can give to your partner. Spending a few minutes together before going to bed and talking about anything you want is the best thing you can do to close the day for you and your spouse.


  • If possible, do your daily physical workout in the company of your spouse.
  • If you both have a relationship which is based on trust, don’t be curious about your spouse’s actions that irritate you. May be your partner doesn’t realize that you do not appreciate his/her actions.
  • Be like an open book to your partner. Your act of concealing things from your spouse would only raise suspicions which are certainly poisonous for a relationship.


  • Never ask for perfection. Keep it in mind that you and your partner are human beings, the very creatures that are bound to make mistakes.
  • Couples engage in arguments. Therefore, ensure that your arguments are not hurting the feelings of your spouse. Be respectful and polite, and never turn argument into personal attack.

There is a lot to say when we talk about making the married life happier. However, we can wrap this up with three words; love, respect and trust. Bring these three words in your married life and you will definitely enjoy being in a relationship.