Tips to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

It could be an unenviable situation for you when your dog has fleas on its body. The dog’s body areas which remain warm in most of the time in year become breeding grounds for fleas.

The best way to deal with the fleas is to stop them from being produced in the body. Nevertheless, there are some measures that you can follow to kill the fleas on your dog’s body.

Medicated Treatment

  • You can shampoo the entire dog’s body with fleas and tick shampoo. Usually, the normal shampoo for fleas and tick elimination suffices but you can get special fleas killing shampoo if normal one is not working.


  • Using fleas spray is ideal if you are dealing with the stubborn kind of fleas. Make sure that your spray actively contains insect growth regulator and insecticide. That will ensure elimination of fleas along with its eggs. Make sure that you are not spraying in the eyes of dog.


  • If you want to give your dog the harmless yet effective treatment for fleas’ elimination, you can use a fleas killing powder.


  • You can ask a veterinarian to help you in preparation of medicated dip. Medicated dip is usually a diluted solution which can be used while giving the dog a bath.


  • You can also use a flea collar to prevent or get rid of fleas. Make sure that you are using the appropriate kind of flea collar. To check the collar’s strength, insert a finger underneath the collar and pull it.


Flea Remedies

  • For prevention of fleas’ production on your dog’s body, monthly topical treatment is the ideal option to take into consideration. While it seems good to get a more effective product, it would be better to ask veterinarian before the purchase.


  • Flea tablet is one of the most effective treatments for preventing and getting rid of the fleas. These tablets cause the dog’s body to release a chemical, known as lufenuron. The chemical doesn’t kill the adult fleas but it effectively nullifies reproductive capabilities of female fleas. Hence, you would have to wait a few days to see the results of this treatment.


Natural Ways to Treat Flea Issue

  • Most of the times when existence of fleas is not that severe, washing the dog with soap-mixed warm water eliminates fleas. Give your dog this washing every week and you will be able to keep the dog flea-free.


  • You can pick out the fleas with a bit of hand work. For that purpose, get a flea comb and use it on the dog’s hairs. That should filter out the fleas.


  • Application of diluted lemon juice can kill fleas in the dog’s pelt.  This is a good Natural Flea Repellent for Dogs but be cautious about this application because lemon is loaded with natural acid which might cause itching on the dog’s skin. Therefore, administer it in the right amount.


  • Do a little analysis to find the areas on the dog’s body where fleas usually gather and spray Apple Cider vinegar in those areas. To make the solution, mix vinegar and warm water in equal amounts and pour this solution into a spray bottle.


I hope above-mentioned tips would be helpful.