Guide to Build a Solar Panel

Solar panels are great. They are rechargeable and they help you cut electricity cost by using energy from sunlight, which is certainly a free energy source.

Good news is that preparing solar panels is an easy procedure for which a simple DIY guide may suffice:

Here’s what you need to do.

Assembling the Parts

  • If you want to save the money and, at the same time, buy solar panel cells that would survive in harsh environments, you can go for polycrystalline cells. If you want to get more watts in electricity, buy more cells. To buy these cells, you can place order at online shops.


  • Measure the total size of panel you want to install and use that measurement to cut the board to make a frame for panels.


  • To make panel to panel connection, look at the back of panels to find long and short lines coming from the cells. Small lines would be several in numbers whereas there would be two larger lines. Connect the larger lines of a panel with larger lines of other panel using tabbing wire. Use a solder to attach wires with the lines.


  • The connection from a cell would be formed by heating the tabbing wire on the soldered strip.


Getting the Cells Connected

  • Before you glue the cells to the board, make sure that all cells are connected to each other via tabbing wires. To glue the cells to board, apply adhesive solution at the back of every cell and press it gently against the board’s surface. To keep the connections’ integrity intact, ensure that tabbing wires are running in the rows that would be formed due to the gap between the cells. Moreover, if one row has the wire running in left-to-right direction, the other row should have the wire running in opposite direction.


  • The cells should be soldered together now. For that purpose, two immediate lines coming from every cell should be coated with flux. Those wires should be attached to appropriate wires coming from other cells.


  • Now use a bus wire to connect the first row of solar panels. Run tabbing wire along the length of first row and connect wires coming from the cells to the bus wire.


  • The beginning of the second row should not be connected with the end of the first one. Connect all the rows using buss wires.


Panel Box Building

  • Take measurement of entire panel and get a box of size according to this measurement. Take care of the bus wires and any delicate part in order to make sure that solar panel would remain safe for a long time.


  • The box would consist of a frame fixed to the board. Ensure that solar panel board is fitting inside the frame.


  • Secure the sides of box by screwing in the deck screws in every corner on the frame.


  • Color the entire box with white paint.


  • Apply glue to the back of solar panel’s board and fix it in the box. Press the panel to ensure proper adhesion.

Panel Wiring

  • Diodes should be connected to the final wires coming out of the panels. Get information about color schemes and particular types of diodes for them.


  • Connect wires to the diodes and connect other ends of wires to the terminals of charge controller.


  • Now, the charge controller should be connected with the batteries.


  • Charge the batteries using power from solar panel and run a test.


That’s it. The solar panel should be ready to give clean energy backup. To secure panels completely into box, attach the Plexiglas piece on the frame. Consider the mounting options for stability of panel when it faces the sun. You can use an electronic cart to remotely change panel’s position so that it would get most of the sunlight during the day.