Commemorative Plaques Which You Should Not Miss!

A quick look at a plaque would tell you about something unconventional creepy,  funny or weird would have happened at that place. You may use commemorative wall plaques at your home or office to get a creative look to your interior.

However, a detailed look at plaque might stun you for a while and leave you to wonder about the occasion, mentioned on the plaque, for your entire life. Some of the amazing plaques describing unique incidents are mentioned below.

  1. BARNEY AND BETTY HILL plaque is the perfect spot for visiting if you are fascinated by the theories of UFO and aliens. This plaque commemorates an incident in 1961 when Barney and Betty Hill were returning from a trip. At the spot, where there is this plaque situated, they found an aircraft which was shaped like a cigar. The group of people around this aircraft was not of humans. After witnessing this strange happening, they immediately drove in the opposite direction of this spot but they found themselves not remembering they saw. The details of incident were known when they described about incident during hypnosis.
  2. plaque-bettyandbarney

  3. An American World War 2 destroyer ship USS MURPHY got a hit from a German U-boat, which resulted in the ship’s destruction. The remains of this ship were recovered by Dan Crowell. This finding led to the discovery which might be hard to believe but it’s based on facts. According to US Navy, USS MURPHY didn’t sink completely and remained in half-sunk position for many years. The undersea wreck of this ship is now the place where its plaque has been settled.
  4. murphy_collision_1

  5. Despite being mostly shot at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Groundhog Day wouldn’t be forgotten people of Woodstock, Illinois. The numerous scenes of this movie were shot at Woodstock. During filming of a scene, Bill Murray stepped into a puddle and mark of his shoe was printed in the wet mud. The mark was saved by people of Woodstock and they later drew the outlines of that shoe upon a block of concrete. This block is now situated at the exact location of the puddle where Bill Murray stepped.
  6. groundhog_day

  7. If you are a fond of visiting historical places, you would find de la Concorde at Paris one of the places which are hard to forget. The famous King Louis XVI was executed at that place during the French revolution. Another famous assassination was happened a few miles away from this place. King Henri IV was travelling in his coach and the person named Francois Ravaillac ran to get into his coach. He killed the king by stabbing him two times. The two plaques tell everything about these two assassinations.
  8. plaque-henri

  9. The commemorating plaque at Cape Otway tells another story which the UFO obsessives would find interesting. This plaque has been situated here by the family of Frederick Valentich, a pilot who was mysteriously disappeared along with his aircraft while he was flying over Australia’s Bass. According to his conversation with radio, he complained about a strange aircraft hovering over his plane. When he saw that aircraft first time, he said it was flying 1000 feet above his plane.


    Then he reported that the aircraft had disappeared after emitting green light. Right before Valentich disappearance, his last words were, “That strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again…it is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”