A Guide to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

The personal injury claim involves filing of a lawsuit in which a person asks for compensation for his injury due to someone else’s negligence. The cases which come under personal injury category involve injury due to accidents, medical misconducts, emotional disturbance due to accident and many more.

Procedures of different cases may vary but legal actions are made only when there are enough proofs confirming the defendant’s fault.

Personal injury claim

Personal injury claim

Below is the guide that may help you in your personal injury claim.

Collecting Evidence

It is important to have workable evidences regarding defendant’s fault in the accident that injured you. For that purpose, you will need to collect as many evidences as possible.

  • Try finding persons who might have seen the accident. You can ask those people to come to the court and explain what they saw.
  • Go to the place where accident happened and take photographs of that place. Location of accident truly matters when you are filing personal injury lawsuit.
  • Take photographs of injuries on your body. It might take months before court would reach a verdict. Till that time, the wounds or injury marks may become dull.
  • Even if you do not find injury to be severe at first look, it is highly important to visit the doctor to have the medical diagnosis. Sometimes, the injury may take some time to show up. In that case, a medical checkup would confirm the occurrence of injury as a result of accident.
  • Get a diary and note down everything you feel after accident. It may include body pains, emotional condition, energy level and level of sleeplessness.


Hiring a Lawyer

  • Search through local directories to find out local personal injury lawyer florence sc. You can find one quickly by browsing through Yellow Pages. Now days, search engines are smarter as they also display results based on local searches. You can also search at local bar association’s website.
  • You can trust the advice of friends and family. Hence, you can ask for referrals from the ones you know.
  • You can ask shortlisted attorneys if they offer free consultation. The free consultation would help you to bring your case in front of attorney before you hire him/her. You can use information from consultation session to analyze attorney’s capability.
  • Discuss the fee. Some attorneys charge fee based on the outcome; i.e. you wouldn’t have to pay if you do not win.


Case Preparation

  • Collect the records to show that you have suffered economic losses after injury. If these losses are proved as a consequence of injury, you will be compensated for lost wages.