A Step-by-Step Guide to Repair a Windshield

For a complicated job like Windshield Repair Galveston, it’s recommended that you call a professional. However, if you are dealing with the minor windshield damage, you can make use of some DIY options. That will certainly save you a good amount of money.

In this article, we are going to discuss some measures that will allow you to analyze the level of damage so that you would understand whether the windshield is repairable with the help of DIY methods.

First you need to analyze whether your windshield requires repairing or replacement.

  • First of all, check to see if your windscreen damage repair cost could be covered by any insurance that you would have. Going to the professional auto glass repairers would definitely be the costly practice if you are not covered by any insurance. In case of a minor damage, you can follow some DIY measures that would certainly help in rectifying the issue.


  • If damage has occurred at either of windshield edges, the integrity of entire windshield would be periled even after the repair. Replacing the entire windshield is a general recommendation in this scenario.


  • It is highly unlikely that windshield wouldn’t cause any shattering in the front view after the repair job. Hence, if damage is in the area which comes in the driver’s line of sight, there would be a huge security concern for the car and people sitting inside. Nevertheless, you can get it repaired and test it to see if it would be OK.
  • There are several techniques which you can apply to repair a crack of 6 inches in size at your home. However, you will need to call a professional if crack is of bigger size.


  • If your windshield is damaged due to any kind of impact, there are several parameters you will need to consider in order to find out if windshield is repairable; i.e. diameter of dent or breakage at the point of impact shouldn’t be more than 1 inch, and the area where cracks are spread shouldn’t be more than 3 inches.


  • Windshields are usually made by two layers of glass with a plastic sheet between the both layers. If you are able to touch the plastic sheet by inserting finger at the point of impact, you would need to replace the windshield.


After analysis, you will need to prepare the windshield for repair job. It involves following points.

  • Instead of a syringe applicator, go for the bridge style windshield repair kit. This kit lets you to repair the windshield in more stable manner.


  • The resin, after being filled in the cracks, need to be treated with ultraviolet rays. Hence, you can do this job in a sunny day or you can acquire a UV lamp.


  • Clear the cracks of all the small shards. Use a metal tapper for that purpose. Most of the windshield repair kits include metal tappers in the package.


  • Before beginning with the repairing job, clean the windshield. You can dry the wet glass with the help of a hairdryer.


After the glass is ready, it’s the time to start repairing job. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Take your time to get familiar with the settings of repair kit. Explore its suction cup, position of resin applicator, and the way it could be moved on the windshield.


  • Fill the kit’s applicator with resin. There are two types of resins; i.e. one to repair the cracks and another one that treats the chips.


  • Apply lubricant where suction cup is to be settled. Make sure that applicator is reaching the center of impact and cracks, after suction cup is settled on the glass.


  • Fill the crack by moving applicator along the crack line. Make sure that resin is filling the crack completely.


  • If you are dealing with the dents in windshield, fill the applicator with thicker resin. Fill the dents using same process at that of filling of cracks.


  • To ensure that resin doesn’t come out of the cracks, cover under-treatment area with a curing tape after the cracks are filled.


  • Now the resin in the cracks needs to be cured with the help of UV rays. Park your car in sunlight for 2 hours, or use a UV lamp to cure the resin.


  • Detach the curing tape and use a razor blade to scratch out excess resin. Make sure that windshield is smooth.


All done. I hope you will find it helpful.