Comparative Analysis of Magic Bullet and Nutribullet

If you want to avoid the consumption of fast foods and want the same for your family, you have to make arrangements to make food at your home so delicious that everybody would prefer it over fast foods. Starting with the smoothies, there are countless recipes. Preparing smoothies isn’t difficult but you need a good quality blender if you want to shake the ingredients well.

In this article, we are going to compare two top quality blenders which are preferred by many consumers in US. These two blenders are Magic Bullet and Nutribullet.

Nutribullet vs Magic bullet: Some Prominent Differences

The factors which most of the consumers take into consideration while buying a blender are price, features, number of blades, speed of motor, and accessories.

With the help of a Bullet blender, you can blend ingredients with the help of motor that spins blades at the speed of 24,000 RPM. This speed is certainly ideal to completely blend any ingredient in a matter of a few seconds. Moreover, the blades in these blenders do fine grinding job with tougher ingredients like coffee beans and hard seeds.


If we talk about the main difference between Magic Bullet and Nutribullet, the biggest one is that Nutribullet’s motor consumes 600 watts while Magic bullet’s motor runs on 250 watts. Hence, Nutribullet is more powerful than Magic Bullet when it comes to grinding power. However, it doesn’t mean that Magic Bullet is lower in quality than Nutribullet. The difference between both models defines the capacity and usability domain.


  • You get two blades in the package of Nutribullet. One is the Extractor Blade which is used for blending, grating, chopping and processing items like onions, seeds, coffee beans and ingredients used in smoothies. The second blade is Milling Flat Blade. This blade is ideal if you want to whip cream, crush coffee beans or chop spices.
  • Magic Bullet includes Ice Shaver Blade along with the two blades mentioned above. An ice shaver blade does the job of crushing ice to turn it into snow. This crushed ice enhances the taste of smoothies and other drinks.


Cups and Mugs

Given the price of Nutribullet being higher as compared to Magic Bullet, it would be surprising for you to know that Nutribullet comes with fewer cups and mugs as compared to those of Magic Bullet. Nutribullet blender comes with 2 mugs and a large cup. However, Magic Bullet comes with three mugs, two big cups, and a large and small mixing cup.


You will have to do a little shifting job while preparing two cups of drinks using Nutribullet; i.e. making a large cup of drink, pouring that drink into a pitcher or jug, and washing the cup to make another large cup of drink. On the other hand, Magic Bullet allows you to fill ingredients in two cups at the same time. When the first cup is ready, you can immediately fix another cup on blender and let the motor spin. You will get two cups of smoothie ready in less than a minute.

Both blenders come with 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warrantee. Warrantee is the common deal but 30-day guarantee would surely let you analyze the quality of your blender.