Buying Flowers for a Funeral – Tips

If you want to express your sympathy to the family of deceased one you know, sending flowers is the most appropriate option. The basic purpose of sending flowers is to comfort the close ones of deceased while they grieve. During this time of grievance, they expect other people to get near to them and share good thoughts.

By sending flowers, you give those people the message that you share their feelings. If you are not sure about it, you may seek expert’s advice, such as:

To offer your condolences to bereaved ones, the flowers need to be chosen carefully.

How to Choose the Flowers to Send

  1. First you need to decide about the message that you want to send along with the flowers. The message is basically a note in which you pay tribute to the deceased one.
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  3. While selecting the flower to send, take the faith of deceased and his/her family members into consideration. Moreover, other factors like tradition and culture are also to be taken care of.
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  5. Your relation to deceased matters when it comes to selecting the flowers to send. Some flower arrangements from the perspective of familial contiguity are as under:
    • If you are an immediate family member, wreath or casket spray is the flower arrangement you can go with.
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    • If deceased one is from your extended family, consider informal flower arrangement or standing spray.
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    • If you are a colleague or friend of deceased, choose a bit more formal arrangement. It may include wreath, spray, basket arrangement or bouquet.
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  1. Choose flowers that would represent the deceased’s personality. By choosing right kind of flowers, you can pay tribute to the habits and interests of deceased person. For example; if deceased was a fond of gardening, you can send a plant that deceased’s family members would plant in the lawn.
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  3. Different types of flowers can deliver different messages. Some of them are as under:
  • To give a message of hope and happiness, you can send apple blossom or lily of valley.
  • To express your remembrance for deceased, send hybrid tea roses.
  • For an expression of respect, send red roses.


  1. Know about the meanings that flower colors hold. Make sure that you are not sending green flowers because greenery represents health and life, which is surely not to be wished during a funeral.
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  3. Before purchasing the flowers, consult the family of deceased to know whether they have any rules for flowers. There might be the possibility that deceased’s family would not want people to bring a particular flower arrangement.
  4. If you are not sure about right selection, you can always ask the florists from whom you would buy the flowers.
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  6. Some florists may offer action upon online orders. You can order for particular flower arrangement to be sent to the funeral home.
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  8. If possible, send the condolence message, a note with flowers, on behalf of people around you. You can mention your family on the note.