Interior Painting of a House – Guide

If you are willing to transmute your house into an exceptional living place, interior painting might do the job entirely. Good painting job doesn’t only enhance the aesthetic characteristics of a house but it rightly increases its resale value. Nevertheless, the planning and effort required in interior painting might be exasperating but it would be worth the result.

Here is a guide that should simplify the painting process of your house’s interior.

  1. Try to make a plan of interior painting by walking randomly in the house. It’s certain that you will be able to note down the things which you might not be able to observe if you are conventional. However, you will need to be exceptionally observant.

    Here are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

  • Light colors are applicable everywhere. However, you will need to be careful if you are opting for dark colors because dark color looks good at the place with abundance of natural light.
  • Stick with the neutral colors only, if you are planning to sell your house.
  • Don’t be shy of using any color you like if you are painting interior for yourself.
  • If you are not sure about the painting options, contact a decoration consultant.


  1. Get ideas from your home members. They might give you the suggestions from which you can select the appropriate one.
  2. Keep in mind the height and width of the walls you want to paint. Get the dimensions by calculating height and width of each wall. That calculation would give you an idea about the usage of paint and, hence, the price.
  3. 3

  4. Next step is to plan the budget. Prices of paints vary drastically with a change in quality. Obviously, you will have to pay higher if you are planning to go for the good quality wall painting. Moreover, the budget plan should also include the prices of tools like brushes, rollers and other materials.
  5. 4

  6. Plan the schedule for every step until finishing the job completely. That includes emptying the area, prepping the interior, painting the interior, finishing, and setting everything back on place.
  7. 5

  8. If you are a DIY guy, make sure that you are acquiring necessary workforce in order to get the job done in time. There wouldn’t be a big worry if some of your family members are active and responsive when it comes to doing the home improvement jobs. Nevertheless, you might need to hire professional services to some extent at some time during the process. Moreover, try to get tips from interior decorators on every step.
  9. 6

Start the painting process.

  1. Start by emptying the area where painting job is required. Arrange separate place to store the area’s items.
  2. 8

  3. Remove the wallpapers, scratch the previous coats with scrapers, wash the walls, dry them, and perform every kind of cleaning in order to make the interior ready to be painted. Open the windows to let air flow inside the interior.
  4. 9

  5. Apply primer because primer doesn’t let the paint to lose the hold of walls.
  6. 10

  7. It might sound a little strange but it would be ideal if you pull off the painting job in the most difficult area first. That’ll give you an expert’s practical knowledge about painting the interior. Hence, remaining job would get extremely easier.
  8. 11

  9. After painting, ensure that junk and debris are properly removed.
  10. 13

  11. Get everything in place according to your choice.
  12. 14

That’s it, the painting job is done. However if you find it difficult, you may hire a North reading painting contractor for professional help.