Tracking the Cost of Junk/Debris Removal

Home construction and improvement projects give desirable results but you would really want to get rid of the junk or debris produced in the process. Debris/junk removal can be cost effective but there are some important points that you need to take into consideration. These points are mostly concerned with the situations and conditions which make the removal tasks difficult or convenient; hence, affecting the overall cost of removal projects.

Tracking the Cost of Junk/Debris Removal

Sites From Where Junk Needs Removal

Apart from the level of difficulty in handling and maneuvering of junk removal, type of site also influences the price. In US, the average price of junk removal from home is $207; while the cost of junk removal from apartments averages out to $221. The average cost of debris or junk removal from business sites is $411. However, the cost might increase or decrease based on the type of business, amount of junk, and the difficulty level in handling.


Location of Junk/Debris

Removal services can be acquired for both indoor and outdoor junk removal. Outdoor junk removal is easier as it usually takes less time and effort for the junk to be shifted to the loading truck. Hence, the cost for outdoor removal would understandably be lower. On the other hand, indoor removal service may involve more handling, manpower and extra effort for the junk to be removed from the place.

Therefore, the cost would also be higher. Average costs for removal from different locations are as under.

  • Junk removal from outdoor yard may cost up to $190.
  • Junk removal from inside of the building may cost $213 – $215. This price is for junk removal from ground floor.
  • Removal of junk from second floor may cost $250.
  • Third floor junk removal usually costs up to $300.


Types of Junk

Type of junk has to be taken into the account if you allocating the budget for its removal. For that purpose, you can ask the contractor about the price. This consultation will make it easier for the contractor to plan the acquiring of manpower and resources needed for junk removal involving the type of junk at your place. Amount of junk is also the factor that contractors keep in their considerations while acquiring the resources. Average price ranges for removal of different types of junk are as follow.

  • Junk consisted of big appliances: $105 – 107
  • Junk based on big furniture parts: $82
  • Large amount of junk consisted of different materials: $240
  • Waste from yard and concrete: $115 and $190 respectively

These are the average estimates based on data about removal jobs involving most common junk types.

Truck’s Accessibility at the Location of Junk

Another factor that influences the price of any junk removal task is the location’s accessibility. It’s not a hard and fast rule that yard’s junk removal at your place would cost you exactly the same price that would have been paid for yard’s junk removal three streets away from your home. The most probable reason in this regard is the truck’s accessibility. The greater would be the difficulty in truck’s accessibility, the higher would be the price. However if you are looking for cost-effective solution, you can contact