A Step-by-Step Guide for Asphalt Installation

By installing asphalt, you can ensure maintenance free integrity of your driveway for about 15 years. Although, the asphalt installation process is not difficult at all but it requires the involvement of heavy machinery which you might not want to purchase.

Nevertheless, you can get this task done by hiring a professional contractor. But, it is still important to know about the installation procedure in detail in order to ensure that installation is done correctly. For that purpose, here is a simple guide that will give you a walkthrough of installation process.

  • First you need to hire a contractor. Finding the good contractor is a bit tough job which you can accomplish by careful considerations. For that, ask your friends and family to provide you with the referrals. You can also search for contractors in your locality by browsing to find good Brookline Paving Companies.


  • Before hiring, read the contract carefully. Make sure it includes everything you want done within the mutually consented price you’ve had concluded with the contractor. Also, make certain that contractor is carrying the insurances like liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


  • Get rid of the existing driveway surface. It might include breaking of driveway’s surface.


  • The graded driveway’s slope ensures long lasting integrity of driveway, because it will not let the water to store anywhere on the surface. To do the checking, you can pour some water on the surface to see where the water goes. To achieve evenness in graded surface, fill the low points.


  • It’s important to compact the base soil. For that purpose, you can use a twin drummer that would weigh 3,000 pounds. All you need to do is to ensure that soil is not being compacted anymore.


  • Use crushed rock for covering the base soil. It is worth mentioning here that drainage of water would also depend upon the type of crushed rocks. Coarse stones let the water to drain, ensuring ultimate surface’s dryness. If the underlying soil mainly constitutes clay, the thickness of crushed rock filling should be 8”. Otherwise, 4” filling usually suffices.


  • Lay some more soil on crushed rocks in order to fill the grooves and gaps.


  • Leave this base material for seven days so that it would get settled.


  • Choose the size and thickness of asphalt you want to install. Asphalt usually comes with ½-inch thickness and ¾-inch thickness. ½-inch thickness usually suffices residential driveway’s requirements; whereas ¾ is needed when driveway for commercial area has to be constructed.



  • Consolidate the strength of driveway with the help of heavy roller.



  • Edges of driveway should be treated to form proper angle. Both sides of edges should make 45 degree angle.


That’s it. The asphalt based driveway construction is completed.