How to Choose the Best Tree Service

It is a point of concern for customers and honest tree service providers that tree service industry is crowded with scams who either leave the job undone or run away. According to a report by Better Business Bureau, tree service has been ranked six when it comes to the number of customer complaints regarding legitimacy and quality of service.

Nevertheless, people acquire this service on frequent basis due to its importance. Therefore, it would be worth mentioning some important steps that may help you in choosing the right tree service.


  • It is imperative to ask for proof of insurance. Tree service insurance mainly includes worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. Make sure that you get the insurance documents from insurance company directly rather than tree service representatives. That’s a major check that you will have to perform in order to ensure company’s legitimacy.
  • Make sure that tree service, which you are going to hire, is certified by Better Business Bureau (BBB). It’s important to mention that only reputable companies get certification from BBB. Along with information about certification, you can get additional information about company’s rating from BBB.


  • Reputation of a tree service in your locality has to be checked. For that purpose, you can contact Tree Care Industry Association that would provide you adequately detailed information about tree services in your area.
  • Bringing the cost down with the help of negotiation is a good thing but it is not sensible idea to hire a company which would offer its services in alarmingly lower prices. Such companies are usually scam, newbies, or uninsured.
  • You can simply say no to a company which perform relatively too simple task of a tree service in very high expense. Do not let the representatives of such companies to convince you with their price-justification statement.


  • If you are not sure about the normal price range, you can contact more than one company for pricing details. Contacting 3 – 4 tree service providers may suffice in this regard. It would be even better if you meet the companies’ representatives in person to ask about the tasks they perform within the price they would charge.
  • Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Hence, the price comparison should also include the number and types of services you’d get. For instance, felling of tree is simple and less time consuming task. That is the reason it doesn’t cost much. The main pitfall of felling a tree very close to your property is that there would be a high chance for your property to get damaged. However, if you are choosing piercing of tree, it might cost you higher than felling the tree but it wouldn’t damage your property.


  • Reputable tree services usually do not provide door to door service. Hence, it is a bad idea to go for door-to-door service if you have good quality tree services in your locality. Only the inexperienced tree service providers do door-to-door jobs.
  • Even if you are satisfied with the credentials of company you’ve just chosen, it is recommended not to pay money until you get satisfied with their job. Reputable and honest service providers wouldn’t ask for upfront payment either.

You can certainly hire good tree service if you stick with the above described guide.