Guide for Designing Billboards and Signs

Designing the signs and billboards require considerable attention because popularity of your event is would depend on it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should start panicking, as there are simple ways to get this task done.

While designing signs and billboards, you have to make sure that you are taking good care of scale. Design and text in these advertisements are bigger in size. Therefore, it is necessary for all the elements to be adjusted well so that advertisement could give its message clearly.


Here are some simple points that might be helpful in your designing project.

  • With the change in scale and size of advertisement, the change in design might also occur. You do not need to change your basic theme but it is the elements which need to be adjusted at proper areas of a theme in order to bring relevance between scale/size and design. Make sure that your billboard advertisement is ready to convey its message in the shortest possible time. You can check out good examples at
  • Apart from size and scale, you also need to consider the location where your ad would be displayed. You can witness the change in designs when you travel across the cities. Nevertheless, it’s not about the design preferences at different locations but it mainly involves the state’s or metropolis’s rules about signs and billboards.


  • Colored advertisements can be catchy only if you make them to be. There are two things that you will have to take into consideration in this regard; i.e. contrast for visibility, and branding for identity. As for the branding part, you can select one image of product and enlarge it to cover most part of advertisement area. On the side of image, mention product name and model using adequately sized fonts.

When it comes to contrast, location of advertisement matters the most. If the color of your advertisement is green and you are selecting its location on the roadside where there is abundance of trees, your advertisement would be hardly noticed.


  • The conveyance of your message would largely depend upon the typography you select. Do not over-rely on your advertisement theme and logo, and try to make your message as clear as possible by selecting the right fonts that would look prominent. The number of words is also very important to take care about.
  • Apart from the colorfulness in graphics and image, fonts also need some task which would involve creation of color contrast. The color contrasts do not only catch attention but they also leave an impact on the sight. This impact is the key to make the advertisement memorable. Make sure that pairing shades are appropriately matched.


  • Some designs look great when they are viewed before printing, but they look awkward when printed on the sign or billboard. It is usually due to a mismatch between the overall advertisement and the material on which the ad is printed. To make the advertisement an attention grabber, make sure that advertisement’s design and its associated surroundings are matching.

With the help of these points, you can certainly get the best out of signs and billboards.