What to Wear On Different Occasions – Understanding Dress Code

It really doesn’t feel good when you think about dressing for a party or business meeting, and end up being a victim of sarcasm in the gossips during the occasion. That ought to happen when you make the simple task of dressing the complicated one.

The only thing you will need is the simplicity. Simple dressing without stressful thinking prior to it will help you to stand prominent during any event. Even in under garments, prime focus should be comfort so that you would feel more confident about yourself as well. For women, everyday minimiser bras provide comfort in their daily routine.

Nevertheless, you would definitely need to know about the dress codes in order to get an understanding about what to wear on particular occasion. Here are some simple ideas about different dress codes for different occasions.

  1. Dressing for Holidays And Casual Events

For casual events, it’s important to get an idea about the dress that your host is going to wear. It is really good idea to obtain that kind of dress because it will not only make you admirable among your hosts but also among the other guests.

Holiday events are usually arranged in winters. Therefore, a sweater or a leather jacket is an ideal choice. For women, sweater with other warm dress is the appropriate option. Furthermore, women can also consider wearing jewelry which may involve rings and earrings made of gold or silver with decorative stones attached to them.


  1. Dressing for Business Casual Event

These events are neither completely formal nor completely casual. Therefore, the dressing for these events needs to be the mix of both. Men can wear sports jackets or blazers and khakis. It’s not appropriate for women to wear khakis. Make sure that you are not following complete formal dress code because it would seem more awkward as compared to completely casual dressing.


  1. The Business Attire

Business attire for a business event needs you to be even more formal as compared to your office dressing. This is the biggest point you will need to take into consideration.

If you want to get an idea about what you are going wear in business party, you can have a look at presidential candidates or your favorite political figures.


  1. Semi-Formal Dressing

Semi-formal or cocktail party dressing is usually more formal than what’s usually defined through the word ‘semi’. Men can wear tux which might involve silk tie, white shirt and black suit. The women can wear black, and a bit more glittering, dresses.


  1. Black Tie Or Formal Dressing

For the rare events which demand style and extreme exhibition, black tie dressing is the best choice. These dresses do not give extensive options. Men usually wear black tuxedos and women wear long dresses.



These dressings are quite familiar to the ones worn by participants of red carpet events.