An Overview of Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is basically a chronic disease which impacts glucose metabolism. In this type of diabetic infection, the human body either puts resistance against necessary insulin effects, or it loses the ability to produce insulin in required amount.

Bad news is that there is no known treatment available for Type-2 diabetes, but one can live with it by adopting healthy lifestyle; i.e. eating well, exercising regularly, avoiding being overweight and avoiding stress. You can consider having insulin therapy or medication if your diet and lifestyle aren’t benefiting you in the ideal way.

Type-2 diabetes Symptoms

You might not be able to know about the existence of Type-2 diabetes for years. The best way to find it out is to look at specific symptoms and then have a medical checkup. The common symptoms for Type-2 diabetes are as under.

  • The fluid from tissues is usually extracted more when the level of sugar in blood rises. This causes increased thirst and then abnormally recurrent urination.
  • Since sugar would be shifted into the cells due to lack of insulin, the energy levels go down drastically which can cause increased appetite.
  • Due to the fact that glucose wouldn’t be used due to insulin absence, the body will start using fats and calories as fuel. That will cause loss in body weight.
  • Due to inapplicability of sugar on cellular levels, the human body gets deprived of energy. It causes an alarming fatigue.
  • Increased blood sugar levels can cause dryness of fluids in eye lenses. That can cause vision to become blurry.
  • With Type-2 diabetes, the body’s ability to heal from infections and wounds gets seriously affected.


Causes of Type-2 diabetes

The reason for development of Type-2 diabetes is either malfunctioning of pancreas, which causes lack in insulin production, or body’s resistance against insulin. It is not known that exactly what factors contribute in the development of this disease but obesity and inactivity seem to be the obvious ones.

Here is a list of possible causes of Type-2 diabetes.

  • Being overweight develops greater risk for Type-2 diabetes. It’s because of the excess of fats which block the way of glucose to cellular system. Nevertheless, it’s not the case that every obese person would get infected with Type-2 diabetes.
  • The fat storage in abdominal area rather than hips and thighs also increases the risk of this chronic infection.
  • Adequate activity is necessary to avoid the risk of Type-2 diabetes.
  • There is more chance for you to develop Type-2 diabetes if one of your parents or siblings is infected with it.
  • Sometimes, the blood sugar levels rise but this cannot be counted as chronic infection. It is called pre-diabetes. It is essential to treat this temporary infection or it can become chronic in the form of Type-2 diabetes.


Diseases or Complications That Type-2 Diabetes Can Cause

Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus can result in impaired immunity which can further cause other complications. Those complications are as under.

  • Cardiovascular disorders can arise as a result of Type-2 diabetes. Such complications include heart weakness, angina, contraction of arteries and higher blood pressure.
  • Type-2 diabetes can affect the blood flow in tiny blood vessels which supply blood to nerves. As a result, the risk of nervous damage becomes greater.
  • Kidneys can also get infected with Type-2 diabetes because they contain countless tiny vessels which keep the kidneys operational. These vessels get blocked to raise the risk of kidney failure.

Other complications include eye damage, increased feet infection, hearing problem, skin infection and Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Keep the Type-2 diabetes Under Control

Healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep the Type-2 diabetes reined. You can live with this chronic infection in a way that it wouldn’t bother you.

  • Make sure that you control your calorie and fat intake. Instead, you can focus on getting vegetables, fruits and whole grains as your primary diet.
  • A minimum of 30-minute activity everyday can keep you healthy and diabetes inside you well under control.
  • Get rid of the excess weight if you are infected with Type-2 diabetes.