Setting Up a Marijuana Dispensary – Some Tips

If you are suffering from chronic pains, poor appetite, weight loss or nausea due to any chronic illness, you can consider the usage of marijuana from medical perspective. The usage of medical marijuana is a controversial matter because federal government has disallowed the sales and purchase of marijuana, despite the fact that many states have allowed dispensers to sell marijuana upon doctors’ prescriptions.

Nevertheless, production and sale of marijuana for medical purposes is a booming business which is worth the struggle for proving its legality.

Some important steps for setting up a marijuana dispensary are as under.

  • Although your state may have allowed for opening the marijuana dispensary but the laws still vary when we move in different counties or cities. To get complete details about the policies for marijuana dispensary, you can contact municipal offices. Here is a good guide if are wondering How to open a dispensary in Michigan.


  • Since marijuana dispensary is a business, you will need to make a research about the zoning laws. You will need to get necessary paper work done in order to get started.


  • Running a dispensary always involves considerable amount of risk; and your ability to stand tall against adverse situations define your capability to run dispensary. Make sure you are able to justify the existence of your dispensary by proving yourself legitimate on all grounds.


  • You either need to learn about growing marijuana, or you will have to hire an expert. In a number of states, growing marihuana on the dispensary’s premises is fundamental requirement. Hence, you can be a successful marijuana dispenser if you have got necessary experience or services for growing marijuana.


  • Because of the fact that marijuana dispensaries can undergo complicated legal matters, it is important to hire an attorney to in order to be safe on legal grounds. With the help of lawyer, it will be easy for you to acquire permits and licenses that you need to run your dispensary.



  • Before setting up the bricks and mortar based dispensary, you will first need to make a business plan. A business plan enables you to find investors as you would be able to describe them the details which involve company’s objectives, plans and assets.


  • It’s important to get important or basic funding. For the start-up, you might need at least $250,000. You can use these funds to pay necessary costs which include applying for license, getting insurance and purchasing or growing the product.
  • To get help in analysis of financial matters related to setting up the dispensary, you can consult a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).


  • Do not rush to buy a property where you would be setting up the dispensary. Instead, you can rent a building and see whether the business becomes a success. You can make a decision to buy the property when you would become professional in the trade.


Some Tips for Business Growth

  • Being a marijuana dispenser, you will be under a lot of pressure to retain your good image in society. That’s a responsibility you will need to fulfill; and for that, make sure that you are respectful to your customers and honest to society by following the state rules strictly.
  • The marijuana based business marketing might not be allowed on Google and Facebook, but you can contact local medical specialists who give patients the referrals about your dispensary.


  • Since there aren’t sufficient studies available regarding the effects of types of marijuana on different health conditions, asking the customers might be the best source of information. For that purpose, you can conduct surveys to ask your customers different questions about different types of marijuana they find useful in their medical conditions.
  • Marijuana dispensaries usually invite legal actions against them due to the type of product they deal with. In order to stay clean, it is important to keep a record of everything which mainly includes financial records, types of marijuana you grow, and the customers who buy it from you.
  • Set a competitive price for your product to make sure that you are paid immediately on every purchase. No insurance policy covers the medical marijuana, so you will have to be careful.

I hope you will find above-mentioned helpful.