How To Avoid Recruitment Nightmares?

Recruitment is a tricky process which involves a formal argument between a candidate, trying to get the job by any means necessary, and the employer, who is usually burdened by the requirement to bring success through successful working team. There are two risks which need to be taken into the consideration in this regard.

  • Recruitment of unqualified candidate.
  • Risk of getting sued by unsuccessful terminated employee.

It’s a fact that a candidate, trying to pose himself/herself as suitable option, can make you trust his deceptive confidence. This process starts with the CV. A highly organized and well formatted CV can turn an ordinary candidate into a person with highly successful academic and professional background. You definitely need to counter this sham otherwise you will be legally bound to entertain once hired candidate because firing him can develop legal complications for you.

Recruitment Nightmares

To help you to avoid recruitment nightmares, here are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Job requirements should be clearly understood and noted down.
  • Instead of getting convinced by CV, try to get information from application form. In an application form, the candidate would surely find it difficult to conceal the shortcomings, which can easily be obscured in CV formatting.
  • During the interview, you can ask specific job related questions in order to assess the candidate’s caliber. This is the fact that nontechnical and impractical underperformers would love to be asked the general questions.
  • If you want to assess consistency in candidate’s approach, you can give them interview forms. To make comparison, ask the same question in all the forms.
  • During the interview, do not forget to note the key points associated with the candidate’s response to your questions. However, make sure that all remarks about candidates are purely professional. You can use these interview notes as your evidence to justify the selection or rejection of candidate.
  • Equality monitoring forms should not be given to the people who conduct interviews. This way, you will be sure that a failure of candidate to pass to the next stage is not a result of biased attitude of interviewers.
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  • A very important and distinguishing way of assessing the capability of a candidate is to check his original professional and academic credentials. It’s a matter of great wonder that this step is ignored even by the big highly established firms.
  • If you want to know about the employment history and professional capability of a candidate, it’s better to run an independent background check.
  • To further narrow down the selection process, you can ask the shortlisted candidates to provide you with contact numbers of previous employers whom you can contact for reference. It’s not uncommon that former employers of candidates show interest in talking about them in an off-the-record discussion.

Granting employments is not just about filling a gap in organization but it is more concerned with improving the organization’s productivity. Make the recruitment process result oriented by applying tips mentioned above; you will certainly be able to pull the best out of recruitment process.  If you are looking to outsource it,  you can look into Recruitment Agencies Chichester to find a reputable one.