SEO Future and the Role of Mobilegeddon

It has been almost eight months since the launch of Mobilegeddon. It would be worth having a discussion about what has been changed and how will the Mobile SEO do in future.

Providing a thorough insight of Mobilegeddon and its effect on Google, the Stone Temple Consulting CEO, Eric Enge, explains how the future SEO is going to be. Here is the summary of his seminar.

The mobile-friendly update has its momentous effects

Google’s announcement that it will prefer mobile friendly websites in the higher search results clearly states that Mobile friendliness is going to be the ranking factor in Google search results. Search results in Mobile devices’ browsers will more likely show mobile websites on the top.


It’s not difficult to guess what Google’s aims are in the wake of its preference to the mobile sites. Internet usage and, hence, searching on Google through mobile has increased to leave the Desktop internet usage behind. This evolution of mobile internet usage is something which the top search engine, i.e. Google, cannot overlook.


To test the effect of mobilegeddon in comprehensive way, Eric Enge and a team of Stone Temple experts ran some analytical measures which involved tracking Google search results of over 15,000 queries on Mobile devices’ browsers. The first test was run on April 17, just before the launch of Mobilegeddon. Second test was conducted after the launch of MobileGeddon on May 18. Occurrence of change in top 10 search results was then evaluated by Eric Enge.


Here, it would be worth mentioning that most of the internet marketing and ecommerce tycoons described the launch of Mobilegeddon as something with very little significant effect. The sample testing by Stone Temple, however, yielded almost entirely different results.

Almost half of the non-mobile-friendly pages from sample data were demoted in Google’s ranking after the launch of Mobilegeddon. On the other hand, more mobile friendly sites occupied the top ranks in SERPs.

For the conclusion, it can be stated with utmost confirmation that having a Mobile website is no longer a fancy option but it is rather a crucial factor in internet marketing and SEO.