What is SEO Going to be in the Coming Year?

If you want your business to deliver better profit, nothing can help you as good as SEO could. In the coming year, SEO is going to be even more profitable but there are a number of factors which you will need to take into the account. Here, it would be worth mentioning that current Panda algorithm update had hit most of the running SEO strategies to nullify their effects. However, the next update is not expected to be this much harsher but you will still need to develop robust SEO strategy in order to get the best ROI.

Here are some predictions which you can keep into considerations while developing your SEO strategies for year 2016.

  • Online world is not being ruled by mobile devices. Development of android apps and cost effectiveness of android based mobile devices have prompted a huge volume of internet traffic, even surpassing the usage of internet through computers. With that said, the next update is like to focus on mobile browsers and mobile sites, altering the ranking criteria to a big extent.
  • One of the major changes expected by Google is the inclusion of semantics in searching. Google currently uses keyword suggestions based on frequent searches. With the inclusion of semantics, there will be a standard in keyword optimization to follow.
  • Quality of website and web content has always been recommended by Google and it will obviously be emphasized even more rigorously. Website structure, link building and web content will need to be more logical. This may lead to a price hike in SEO services but it is the vital investment you will need to make.
  • Organic linking is the key to success. If your well-written article points to the website which is related to your article, Google will consider that as a vote to the targeted website.
  • Google is moving more towards local searches and it has been benefitted noticeably by the mobile devices. These devices help Google to pinpoint your location. In future, this feature is going to help you in making area-wise searches rather city or country-wise searching.
  • Outbound linking is the best way to increase your credibility in the view of Google. However, the outbound linking should include the high quality source only. Adding the links of untrusted websites will make your website untrustworthy.
  • The most targeted victim of Google’s next update will be content farming. Irrelevant, robotic and bad quality content could take a major hit from Google in the coming year.

In the view of points mentioned above, it is obvious that Google is moving towards more serving of mobile internet usage. You can make your SEO strategies compatible to these trends and that will surely be the way to go.